Why Buy Refurbished?

There are several reasons why our customers buy refurbished printers.

1: They need replace a printer they already have but have a stock pile of toners so by getting the same model the toners don't go to waste.

2: They have a fleet of the same printer so when they need to add a printer rather then get the newest model, which will use different toner, maintenance kits, parts etc. They simply stick with the model they already have. 

For example we have a Solicitor customer who has 5 branches and use the LaserJet P4015 series. If when they needed to install a new printer and had simply bought the current model they would now have up to 3 more different machines. So would have to stock 4 types of toner, 4 different maintenance kits etc. 

3: Lower running costs.

 Just to show a quick comparison: 

(prices as of January 2023)

 The LaserJet P3015DN refurbished cost £215 + vat 

The direct replacement is the LaserJet M507DN costs £471 + vat (so obviously more expensive)

You can also get the LaserJet M404DN at £207 + vat (it's a slightly lower spec but nearer the price of the P3015DN)

However, here is the most interesting part - Toner cartridges. (All the figures are based on the cost of genuine HP cartridges)

 LaserJet P3015DN: 

standard capacity toner £139 + vat average of 6000 pages (2.32 pence per page) 

 LaserJet M404DN 

standard capacity toner £95 + vat average of 3000 pages (3.17 pence per page)

So even though initial cost price of the M404DN is similar, if you were to print just 500 pages per month using standard capacity toner then you would spend an extra £51.00 per year by using the M404DN. Over 3 years that's £153.00..

Refurbished printers from us really will save you money long term as well as short term.